About Us



Thanks so much for stopping by the shop!  I am Rouvè, the maker, creator and dreamer behind all the eco-friendly, toxic free products from YOUR GREEN KITCHEN.  I started my career as a registered nutritionist loving food and cooking, but the plastic waste created in the kitchen really bothered me.  To bring together my love for the environment, cooking and the kitchen I began looking for things I could use in the kitchen to be more earth-friendly.  I made my first fabric bowl cover in 2017 and it has been such an amazing ride. 

Your Green Kitchen has now grown to 5 employees (a huge blessing for our area) and is located in the beautiful town of Nakusp, BC.  My mission is to provide amazing, long lasting great quality products to help you easily transition into using less plastic and more earth-friendly products in your kitchen and home.  From start to finish, Your Green Products are handled with care and handmade for your home.  Thank you for supporting Your Green Kitchen!