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Single use plastic is OVER!

Single use plastics contains so many toxic components that leaches into your food. Some of the most common chemicals used in the making of single use plastic items have been linked to serious illness. It is easy to replace most single use items with our ORGANIC cotton BOWL COVERS, PRODUCE BAGS and KITCHEN TOWELS.

All our products are carefully crafted for a low waste lifestyle, to last long and be most functional.

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Plastic Free Bowl covers


Plastic Free Bowl Covers

100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton Fabric bowl covers can replace and reduce the use of single use plastic in your kitchen. Hand printed and sewn in 5 different sizes. Available in Waxed and Unwaxed.



Sturdy Medium weight Tote Bags with a flat bottom. Beautiful alternative to plastic or synthetic bags.


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Our best selling tea towels, super absorbent, durable, washable and 100% Organic Cotton.

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The best quality handmade kitchen linens , i love every single one of them!!

DorothyColorado USA

Reducing plastic kitchen wrap has never been easier, super functional and fun products, great customer service

GemmaLondon UK

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